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Squash Levels

All players should check to see if they are registered on squash levels. This will give all players a national and army ranking which will be used for team selection and to seed tournaments.

How to sign up

In order to sign up please go to the link and fill out the form which should look like the image below. 


The first 90 days of the membership are free and after that you have two options. The first is to be a non-member/lapsed member which allows you to see some basic information. The second gives you a much larger selection of features which can be seen here. The cost for the membership £5 a year or free if you have England Squash membership. If you are a member of a civilian club then you may have England Squash membership already so please check with them, or it is only £12.50 a year which gives you many membership offers. We recommend  all players are England Squash members and membership details can be found here.