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Northern Tour 2018


For the seventeenth consecutive annual squash tour to Newcastle, twelve players from up and down the country were selected to represent the Army against Tynemouth SC and Northumberland SC in the North East. Including; Lt Col Phil Ashman AGC, Maj Luke Doddington RAC, WO1 Sean Carey RAPTC and Bdr James Burke RA. Representing for the first time on the tour were SSgt Paul Ryan AAC, LCpl Joe Nickleson RE, Cfn Adam Smart REME, Tpr Paul Jones RA and OCdt Arthur May. Also, touring as guest players for this tour, were WO1 (Retd) Craig Webb and SSgt (Retd) Ray Burke MBE. Cai Younger, a member of the Tynemouth SC kindly agreed to play for the Army team against the Northumberland SC to match Ex-professional Dave Barnett at No 1 seed. Maj Joe Rawsthorne LANCS (Army Team Manager) coordinated the event.