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The Major and Minor Unit Squash Championships took place at Aldershot, between 15 - 17 March 2016.  Ten teams had entered each competition.  Both the Major and Minor units we divided in to 2 Groups, with 5 in each Group and the first 2 days were played on a league basis, the winners and runners up going through to the semi-finals on Day 3. 

In Group 1 of the Major units, 1 RSME were clear winners only losing 3 games in their 4 matches with 36 Engr Regt the Runners up.  Group 2 was won by 6 Armed CS Bn REME comfortably and the Runners up were 42 Engr Regt (Geo).   In Group 3 (Minor units) 4 Regt RMP were clear winners but second place was a very close affair with only 2 points separating 3 teams.  Runners up eventually went to 4 MI Bn.  In Group 4 Upavon Station were clear winners (losing only 2 games) and the Runners up were the Band of the Brigade of Ghurkhas. 

Semi-final of the Major units was therefore between 1 RSME Regt and 42 Engr Regt (Geo) an all Sapper affair.  The second semi-final was between 6 Armed CS Bn REME and 36 Engr Regt.  After some excellent squash, the 1 RSME Regt and 36 Engr Regt went through to the final.  Semi-final of the Minor units was between 4 Regt RMP and the Band of the Brigade of Ghurkhas and the second semis was between Upavon Station and 4 MI Bn.  Again some excellent squash which saw Upavon Stn and the Band of the Brigade of Ghurkhas progressing to the final. 

1 RSME eventually won the Major Unit title with some very close games against 36 Engr Regt.   Upavon Station were too strong for the Band of the Brigade of Ghurkhas and won the Minor unit final.  Special mention must be made of the Band who with a unit strength of 43 made it through to the final and played wonderfully well. 

Mr Hugh Toler from Allocate Software presented the Major unit trophy and mementoes to 1 RSME Regt and the Minor Unit trophy and mementoes to Upavon Station.  Hew Davies, CEO MPCT presented the Runners up of the Major unit competition to 36 Engr Regt and the Runners up of the Minor unit to the Band of the Brigade of Ghurkhas.